Team Coopersville / Hope CRC / Sioux Center (2015)

Follow along here for updates from Team Coopersville Reformed (MI), Hope CRC (IA), and 1st Reformed Sioux Center (IA).

February 21st – 28th, 2015

February 23, 2015

Greetings from Guatemala!!

Sorry it has taken so long to update you. We could give you a bunch of excuses but we will pass those by and tell you what has been going on.

Most team members arrived some time on Sat. A few got to wait until Sunday due to airline technicalities. The first few hours after arriving were spent getting settled in and ready to go for the next day.

Sunday we were able to worship with the people we are building a church for in their present church which is approximately 10′ by 10′. Tight quarters and some got to sit outside. They are very passionate in the way they worship. After the service we walked to the “new” church and had prayer with everyone. Then was sandwiches with the team and then by choice we decided to do a few things on the church.
For some of us, it was a surprise to find the walls all the way up – we thought that was what we would be working on. What we are really doing is putting on the roof and doing the finishing touches inside like a front platform, painting, and also designing and building a bathroom/shower combination.

Monday morning we arrived at the work site by 8:30 am. By the end of the day, the roof was 99% on the church (need to do the patio yet). Working on closing up the peak. Inside of the church has 2 coats of paint and most of the outside of the church has one coat of paint. The platform is started. And they are working on putting in the underground plumbing part of the bathroom/shower area.

Each day begins with personal devotions and ends with group worship. We have a total of 29 in our group. It has become evident how God’s hand orchestrated putting together this group. We have discovered that included in the group are those who have experience laying block, working the electrical, framing, designing and carpentry. All these skills have been needed in the 2 days we have been working.